15 Best Webcam Camera Apps for Laptops

Although not the main component, the presence of a camera or webcam cannot be separated from a laptop. Almost all types of laptops are currently equipped with a webcam with various resolutions and features.

The camera on the laptop itself has various functions, it can be for photos or for recording videos. The camera is also generally used for video calling via Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and others.

Every laptop is generally equipped with a default camera application. But unfortunately the camera application for the laptop sometimes only has a few features. In addition, the quality of the photos and videos it produces is considered unsatisfactory.

15 Best Webcam Camera Apps for Laptops

15 Best Webcam Camera Apps for Laptops

So from that, this time Cari Signal will talk about a list of webcam applications that you can use to take over the default application. You can download and use these various applications for free, one of which is on Windows 7 OS. Want to be clear about the webcam application we recommend? Read this article to the end, yes!

*1. YouCam App*

YouCam is one of the applications that we recommend for those of you who need a camera application on a PC or laptop. This application that works on the Windows operating system is quite interesting where you can use about 200 effects to get unique shots.

In fact, YouCam is also equipped with all kinds of features that can make it easier for users. For example, there are HDR and scene features that can produce better pictures. In addition to selfies, this application can also be used to record videos / you know./

The drawback is that this application requires a laptop or PC that is quite heavy, at least you must use an Intel Core i5 or equivalent, use 4 GB of RAM, and count Windows 8 and above. The YouCam app is quite generous because it offers a /free trial/ version before you buy it. If after trying the /trial/ period and you are interested, you can buy it for $34.99.

*2. Windows Camera app*

For Windows users, you can use an application made by Microsoft, Windows Camera. With this one application, you can take pictures together lightly and simply. The reason is, Windows Camera has a simpler interface, except for other applications.

In addition, Windows Camera is also no less with a variety of interesting effects to beautify your photos. In fact, you can also specify a ratio of 16:9 or 4:3 for the photo. /Oh yes, /this application can also record video /you know. Since this is a formal application from Microsoft, it’s free to use, but it’s only available on Windows 10.

*3. Logitech Capture App*

Want to record using more than /webcam? /Very well /by using Logitech Capture! But wait, what’s the point of recording from two webcams? Yes, of course a lot, if you become able to do /review/ stuff while proving the face and product at the same time, or temporarily run something like /tutorial/.

This /multi source/ feature does not only apply to /webcams but can also display windows on a PC, such as /screencasting/. No less interesting, you can easily carry out various customizations like you are in a recording studio. Changing the brightness level, applying filters, giving /watermarks and /text overlays, everything can be done except using Logitech Capture.

In addition, the aspect ratio includes not only landscapes but also portraits (9:16), perfect for those of you who like to post stories professionally.

This application can only be used on Windows 10 and MacOS 10.14/10.15 (beta), and supports several types of /webcams only such as, C920 HD PRO, C920s HD PRO, 1080P PRO STREAM, C922 PRO STREAM, C922X PRO STREAM, STREAMCAM , STREAMCAM PLUS, BRIO 4K PRO, BRIO STREAM, and C930e. Let’s download this application for free together by clicking this link.

*4. ManyCam App*

If you want to have a camera application on your PC that is rich in stickers and effects, then we recommend downloading ManyCam. This interesting application has a number of /tools /for editing and inserting various kinds of stickers to your photos.

In addition to taking pictures, the ManyCam application can also be used to record videos. Unmitigated, users can record videos with various resolutions, 240p, 480p, HD, Full HD, and many other options.

Apparently, this application is fairly heavy. Fair enough considering its many features. At least it is recommended to use an Intel Core i5 (try the 6th generation or more for the Virtual Background feature), including using an additional VGA. This app is available for Windows 10, macOS, and even Android as well as iOS. So, still suspicious of using ManyCam?

*5. Debut Video Capture App*

The next camera application for laptops is Debut Video Capture. This software can record video via laptop webcam, external webcam, or record desktop screen. The recording will then be saved in AVI, WMV, and other formats.

Just like the previous application, Debut Video Capture can also schedule video recording at certain times. In addition, there are also several settings that can be set manually such as colors, frames, and others. Interestingly, you can also add filters and text to the photos and videos you take.

Apart from providing a free version, there’s nothing wrong with buying the paid version! If for the Home version, you will only be charged for approximately $ 20, while for the Pro Edition, the price is more expensive again at $ 25. Interested in this application available for Windows and Mac? /Download/ here.

*6. SplitCam App*

SplitCam is an all-in-one /webcam/ app. By using this application, you can /stream/ to several chat applications at once such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo messenger, AOL AIM, ICQ, Camfrog, Gtalk, and including YouTube. And, fixed lots of other /messenger/ apps that can support SplitCam.

Not only chat applications. Users can also get more /followers/ by doing /live streaming/ on various /platforms/ at once, including Livestream, Ustream, Justin.tv, and TinyChat. The SplitCam application also provides a Realistic 3D Mask feature so you can record yourself without having to prove your real face. Suitable for beginners who are still not confident.

SplitCam is available for Windows 10 both 32 bit and 64 bit. /So/, are you interested in the feature-rich SplitCam application? Use this link to download it for free!

*7. BandiCam App*

If you claim to be a /gamer/, you will definitely be happy with this Bandi Cam application. Because, you can record /gameplay/ and upload it to YouTube or Twitch. BandiCam is also fairly light and easy to use, has features such as displaying a /frame rate counter and supports various /codec/ settings.

BandiCam also has support for /output/ files in the form of MP4 and AVI, and can be installed on PCs/laptops running Windows 7, 8, and 10. The application can be downloaded for free, but the resulting video will display /watermark/. If you want, you can buy it for *$39.95 *for one PC. Click this link for more details.

*8. GoPlay Apps*

A mediocre /webcam /application will definitely not be good for content creators. You need an application /webcam / which can also be transformed into a video editor, just like GoPlay, for example. Don’t worry even if you are still a beginner, because the results of /webcam/ can be edited with an interface design that is very easy to understand.

Here you can choose between recording /fullscreen/ or only recording in a specific section. In addition, users can freely display /thumbnails in Picture in Picture-style Youtuber Gaming.

The GoPlay app is available for free, but is limited to 720p resolution and only 5 minutes long. You can subscribe to the Pro version for $4.90 per month. Apart from recording /unlimited duration/ and 1080p resolution support, this Pro version is useful if you want to get rid of /watermark/ and get rid of ads. Click this link to download GoPlay (Windows only).

15 Best Webcam Camera Apps for Laptops

*9. iGlasses App*

Some of the apps on this list are generally for Windows. Well, unless you are a MacOS user, this /webcam/ application called iGlasses will be /fit for you. If you use iGlasses, you can now apply a variety of unique effects such as alien heads, frog faces, and squirrel faces.

In addition, the app also supports /face tracking/ and 3D effects to make the /live streaming/ content you run even more immersive and unique. There are at least 50 effects to choose from, so your content can be made as varied as possible. Doing /video calling/ together with an LDR partner is guaranteed to be more exciting!

Unfortunately, this app doesn’t work well with FaceTime, Photo Booth, and even the latest versions of Skype. You can try this app for free for MacOS 10.12 and above along with download here. Meanwhile, unless you are willing to buy it immediately, you have to spend $19.95.

*10. Yawcam App*

Maybe you just need a /webcam/ app with no similar impact features at all. /Well/, welcome to the YawCam application which stands for Yet Another Webcam Software. All features in this app are only essential and /basic/. Examples include the FTP Upload feature, /video streaming/, recording scheduling, and some other basic features.

Because of that, this application also has a very small size, which is only about 4 MB. And, even this application can be used including old Windows OS like Windows 2000 and XP, until the last Windows 10. Please download YawCam at this link for free!

*11. IP Camera Viewer Application*

As the name implies, this app is intended more for IP Cam recording than for /webcam/. However, for those of you whose laptop doesn’t have a good /webcam / camera, you can use an IP camera for /live streaming/ purposes. Even with the free version, this IP Camera Viewer can record 4 cameras at once.

You also don’t have to worry about compatibility, because this /software/ supports up to more than 2200 types of cameras. Meanwhile, for the formats it supports, IP Camera Viewer can take /screenshot/ in JPG form and save videos in MJPG and MP4 formats (in the H.264) codec. Download this application for free via this link (Windows 7, 8, and 10 only).

*12. OBS Studio App*

Want to be clear about the secrets from Youtuber Gaming that you’ve been watching all this time? On average they use the OBS Studio application for their /streaming/ needs. In a way, this /software/ has the best all-in-one features of all the /live streaming/ applications. However, users will get confused with its complicated interface.

It requires at least Windows 8 and above to run this /software/. You don’t use Windows? No need to worry, because OBS Studio is also available for Linux and MacOS 10.13 and above. Open Broadcaster This software has high performance, can record from various sources simultaneously such as /screencasting/ and also /webcam/. For those of you who are willing to record /gameplay/console you can, OBS supports the use of Capture Cards.

The recording format /default/ is FLV, but you can also save recordings along with MP4 and MKV formats as well. Interested in this professional /webcam/ application? Let’s download it here for free!

*13. Webcam Toy App*

You don’t have to be busy installing the application, you just have to visit the Webcam Toy website and can immediately take pictures with various types without being limited.

In fact, you can also choose various effects, filters, and even stickers to beautify your photos. Want to try the fun of taking photos with Webcam Toy?

*14. XSplit VCam App*

Want to do /interview/ use /webcam/, but your home is in a mess? Just deal with it together by changing the background virtually! Xsplit Vcam allows all users to make changes to /background/ along with the scenery image you want, without having to go through the Green Screen method.

Not only can you change the background with the image, you can also change the background with the web page being visited. Guaranteed, running the tutorial wasn’t this immersive before. Plus, you can also use Xsplit Vcam on /platform/ or /software /whichever you prefer like Zoom, OBS, Google Hangouts, and Skype.

This is one of the best /webcam/apps that we recommend because it is available for free too. But if you want to enjoy premium features, you can buy it for $49.95 (valid for life). Available from a subscription fee of $5.95 per month. The installation file is only about 150 MB and can be used for Windows 10 64 Bit users. Just have to click this link and you can download it for free.

*15. Magic Camera App*

Perhaps the hundreds of cute influence options are still not enough for you. Don’t worry, we still have another /webam/ application guide, namely Magic Camera. More than 1000 effects are available so you can stand out together while streaming /live. Plus several effects are also available which can be customized along with the text.

You can also type a message to display against the video, as if you were running a chat. One feature that is quite popular with fans. There are many creative ideas in using effects, if it makes your room look rainy and still lots of cool effects await.

Got potato specs? No problem. This application is very light and can be installed on Windows 2000 to the latest Windows 10. You can try the free version, but it will definitely show an annoying /watermark/. Better to buy the /software/ for $29.95 or subscribe along with paying $19.95 per year. Interested? Immediately download here

So that’s a list of the best camera apps for laptops that you can try. You can also download and use these various applications for free, there are also some that only provide a /free trial/ version. In fact, these applications are / available / used in various brands of laptops, such as ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, and others.

From the list above, which application is your favourite? Or are there other applications that are not included in the list above?

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