Best Workout App Apple Watch Reddit

Best Workout App Apple Watch Reddit – While the Apple Watch Workout app is a really great app, you might be hesitant to use it to track your workouts if you have a long history with another ecosystem. I’ve been using Runkeeper since 2010 so I don’t want to lose all my stats and past runs.

If you too have problems (or if you have friends with other competing services), a tool called RunGap will be your best friend. You can export and import workouts to Runkeeper, Strava, Garmin, Endomono, Runtastic, Polar Flow, MapMyRun, Fitbit, TrainingPeaks, Apple Health and more.

Best Workout App Apple Watch Reddit

The app is free to join Apple’s health/activity program, but advertising other services requires a Grab Bag in-app purchase, which costs $1.99 every three months.

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Run RunGap to start the download. Go to the Settings menu and enable Apple Health access. After that, go to Tasks. You’ll see a list of all your saved tasks in the Tasks app. Then you can select them, click on the ellipses in the upper right corner, then select Distribute. You will be directed to a list of services. Play the ones you want to play (we’ll ask you to log in), and you’ll share.

You can also set up automatic sharing in the Accounts & Settings menu. This allows you to always sync the Apple Watch Activity app and most external services without manual syncing.

To get started, check all the services you want to share new exercises with by selecting “Use as a source” under “Advanced settings” for the service you’re using under “News & Settings.”

Then under “News & Settings” select “Use as an advanced location” under “Advanced Settings” for the services you use and mark all the services you want to share your new exercises with.

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Finally, turn on Auto-Share from News & Settings and specify the number of days to look back when looking for new workouts to share elsewhere.

For example, if you want to share your Apple Watch workouts with Runkeeper and Strava, you’ll need to mark Apple Heath as a source in Advanced Settings. Then you need to go to Runkeeper and Strava “Advanced Settings” and use them as destinations.

To export runs from Runkeeper or Strava to Apple’s Activity app, you’ll choose Apple Health as the destination and Runkeeper as the source. RunGap does a great job of handling duplicates efficiently (it uses the automated runtime to set it up). When you run RunGap and refresh the task screen, everything will be in sync.

With RunGap, you’ll be flexible about where you store your workouts in the future. This allows me to import previous workouts from Runkeeper into the Apple Activity app, and I can sync the two sites in the future. You can download it in the store.

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