10 Easy Ways to Hide Apps on Android

Have you ever caught a close friend or person opening a special file on your smartphone? Such a thing is certainly too unpleasant.

They are often connected to chat history on BBM or WhatsApp, looking at our special photos, to browsing history in your browser.

The idea to add a security code to the smartphone screen is too much inspiration. However, the built-in security from mobile phones can sometimes be penetrated easily, especially if your stalker is an IT expert.

10 Easy Ways to Hide Apps on Android

So, how do you keep apps from stalkers? You can hide the application so as not to be tracked by the stalker. Well, those are 10 ways to hide apps on Android.

10 Easy Ways to Hide Apps on Android

1. Using Security Master

Cheetah Mobile develops and creates an application to hide existing applications on Android devices. This app is called “Security Master. We highly recommend this app as not really a way to hide apps on Android. Why?

This is because the application that has been downloaded by more than 24 million times on the PlayStore provides additional application security which is quite good. Within the app,” Security Master allows you to choose the concept of app locking, to be from” pattern,” PIN Code, to” fingerprints.”

Not only that, “Security Master is also ready to take pictures of anyone who tries to forcefully connect your cellphone. Also, “Security Master also acts as one of the anti-virus applications on Android and provides Junk Clean, Safe Connect VPN, and Massage Security. Very complete isn’t it? Download the “Security Master” application here, it’s free.

2. Using the CM Locker Application

Still with the application developed by Cheetah Mobile. This time they present an application that only focuses on locking applications on Android. Is” CM Locker, an application that has earned more than 3 million downloads on the PlayStore.

In this application, “CM Locker is ready with a variety of powerful features. Some of them are that you can lock applications on your cellphone. CM Locker users can lock them by using a “pattern” or PIN code.

In addition, “CM Locker has a feature where you can lock the “lockscreen” of your cellphone with a unique and attractive theme appearance. It doesn’t end there,” CM Locker is also ready to take pictures of anyone who tries to force-connect a locked application. Want to use “CM Locker? Download the application” here.

3. Lock Apps with AppLock – Fingerprint

Now you don’t have to worry about your privacy being disturbed. The reason is, “AppLock is ready to help you to secure every application on Android. So, you don’t have to worry about other people looking at you, let alone hijacking your social media.

In this app developed by SpSoft users can lock shared apps using a “pattern,” a PIN code, as well as a “fingerprint.” Special, “This AppLock can also cause an error on your cellphone. Don’t worry, it’s not a real error, but a “fake error” so that people who try to hijack your application panic when they see your cellphone is broken. Want to try it? Click here” to get the application.

4. Using App Lock

Still with the app for how to hide apps on Android. This time the application”App Lock came and could be one of the best solutions that you can rely on. In its application,”AppLock claims that its application is able to secure all applications on an Android phone.

Not only that,” App Lock shows its capabilities by carrying some of the mainstay features. In App Lock, you can lock all kinds of applications from social media, SMS, gallery, and others. You just have to enter the “pattern” code or PIN and lock every app you want to keep safe. Easy isn’t it? Get “App Lock here.

5. Hiding Apps with LOCKit

SuperTools Corporation created and developed an application called” LOCKit. In its application,” LOCKit is useful for locking various applications on Android devices. There are many apps that you can lock together using the “LOCKit” app.

The app, which has reached nearly 300,000 downloads, allows users to choose the key concepts in each app. You can lock it using a pattern or a secret code. Not only that, even “LOCKit is also used for preparing unique and interesting themes while the application is locked. Curious? Let’s use the LOCKit application and download it here.

6. Hide Apps with AppLocker

Locking apps, hiding photos, and choosing a theme for your Android phone can now be done with just one app. Is AppLocker | Lock Apps, an app for how to hide apps on Android. The application made by “Developer” Burakgon is quite good at providing additional privacy to its users.

With AppLocker app | Lock Apps, you don’t have to worry about people trying to peek into your apps carelessly. Also, you can hide folders of photos or videos that are not allowed to be shown to others. You are also pleased that the application is safe from “stalkers? Let’s download the application” AppLocker | Lock Apps here.

7. Using AppLock – Hyper Speed

Hyper Speed ​​did not want to lose and helped develop an application lock application, called “AppLock. In the application, you can lock the application with three methods, namely” fingerprint,” PIN, and “pattern.” Well, if anyone wants to try logging in or breaking into access code, then the AppLock application will immediately give an additional alarm.

In addition to alarms, “AppLock will also immediately take pictures of the perpetrators of breaking the passcode. So, you can understand who is trying to get into an application that has been locked. Although it has many interesting features, that doesn’t mean” AppLock is a heavy application, it’s too easy, only 6.5 MB only. Interested? Directly “download” the application here.

8. Using AppLock

With this application, you can set a password or connect to a specific application pattern on your smartphone. AppLock is too useful for those of you who don’t want to lock the homescreen all the time. In the main menu of this application, you will find a list of applications installed on your device and you can set any application you want to lock with a special password.

AppLock provides many customization options to lock specific features on your phone, such as the ability to receive phone calls and connect settings on your device. This application made by DoMobile Lab already exists in 50 countries and supports 24 languages.

If you wish to have AppLock, download the app for free or buy the pro version of this app via the Google Play Store.

9. Using Andrognito

A beautiful interface with a fresh, minimalist, and modern design is the mainstay of the Andrognito application. Behind these advantages, Andrognito is always useful for keeping your application from stalkers. Stealth mode must be enabled manually via app settings. Enter the application using your PIN via the dial button on the device, then press “€˜Call”€™.

Andrognito offers great features along with a fairly high level of security. This application developed by CODEX” can hide and encrypt file types with high protection. This protective application has been downloaded 100 thousand times by Android users

To use Andrognito, you just have to download it on the Google Play Store. This application is offered free of charge alias free.

10. Using Smart Hide Calculator

Some similar applications only hide and encrypt files to hide data. However, this application provides additional higher security. The protection process of Smart Hide Calculator is almost the same as the procedure for using internet banking tokens. You will use the numbers listed on the calculator as your password.

To be able to use Smart Hide Calculator on your smartphone, you need root privileges. With this application, you can lock all types of applications with certain formats. Smart Hide Calculator is a functional and smart app.

11. Using AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock

Furthermore, for how to hide applications on Android, you can use the “AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock application. This free application is able to lock every application you have on an Android phone.” AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock also provides various locking concepts.

You can choose incorrectly one of the three lock concepts in “AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock. The first concept, you lock using a” pattern.” While the second concept, you can choose a PIN code. And lastly, you can take advantage of” fingerprints.”

These various ways to hide apps on Android are too useful for those of you who are tired of stalkers who often open and fill your cellphone. Now you can calmly use your smartphone without worrying about being stalked by stalkers. Good luck!

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