8 English Learning Apps For Smartphones That You Can Use

8 English learning apps for smartphones that you can use

Many efforts have been made to understand and master English both orally and in writing. From tutorials or English lessons to daily exercises. But sometimes there are obstacles like boredom or laziness around you.

Indeed, learning English can be done anywhere, even on a smartphone. Currently, there are many English learning applications on smartphones that we can download and use every day.

Here are five English learning apps for smartphones to make you more fluent and fluent in English.

English learning apps for smartphones that you can use

1. Bahaso: learn a foreign language

The first English learning application that can be used is Bahaso. This application was created to make it easier for us to learn English through the application. To make this happen, Bahaso has partnered with well-known universities in Indonesia, especially the University of Indonesia (UI).

By using this application, we will get to know various features for interactive English learning.

The material available in this application consists of Beginner Level (A1), Basic Level (A2), Intermediate Level (B1), Advanced Level (B2), which includes Vocabulary (Introduction to Vocabulary), Reading, Listening. ), and speak (speak).

2. Hello English: Learn English

The second choice for English learning applications that we can use is Hello English.

Hello English was created to develop our English speaking skills and is the right choice for use via smartphones.

Hello English has interesting dialogue material for simulating spoken English and has been equipped with a function to ask questions if you have difficulty with English material.

If you are bored, you can also play English educational games, such as writing, reading, speaking and grammar games in this app. In addition, a dictionary with a word bank of up to 10,000 words is also available in this application and is equipped with a pronunciation method. Very complete isn’t it?

3. Duolingo: Learn English

The next option for English learning apps is Duolingo. By using this app, we will be offered some interesting English learning features to improve English writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.

There are also many other language options for those of you who want to deepen your language skills, including German, French, Japanese, and others.

4. Memrise: learn language

The next English learning application is Memrise. Memrise is almost identical to Duolingo which offers courses in languages ​​other than English such as Korean, Mandarin, French, German and others.

This app will help us understand English word by word, use words in sentences, practice listening and speaking, etc. In addition, there are visual learning and review and reinforcement features that aim to remind us of the classes we have attended.

5. Busuu: learn language

The main reference app for learning English is Busuu. Apart from English, Busuu also offers other language learning tools such as Mandarin, Turkish, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Polish.

You can get an easy and flexible English learning experience in this Busuu app. Busuu covers topics ranging from vocabulary, writing, reading, listening, dialogue or speaking. What’s more, this app can also be used offline.

6. Mango Languages

This app allows you to learn English using everyday vocabulary. Apart from learning grammar, you will also learn English through conversation (oral) and listening (listening).

You don’t have to worry about running out of study material, because Mango Languages ​​regularly adds new material. In addition, Mango Languages ​​has a revision system that is optimal for learning needs.

The Mango Languages ​​app can also help you learn more than 70 languages, including Indonesian. Yes, who knows you want to improve your Indonesian language learning skills.

7. Mondly Languages

One of the recommended apps for learning English. Because Mondly Languages ​​comes with many interesting features. Mondly Languages ​​is said to have a way of learning English by combining neuroscience and the latest technology so you can learn English faster.

Interestingly, the Mondly Languages ​​application is available in Indonesian. So those of you who are beginners can learn English more easily because it uses your mother tongue.

There is also a virtual reality feature, where you can use a virtual reality headset to learn English. When using a VR device, You will feel like you are talking directly to a certain character.

8. Anygram

This is a unique way to learn English, especially thanks to social networks! Through this app, you can meet people from all over the world, even from English speaking countries.

Later, your new friend can correct the English you use, of course, if there are mistakes. Yes, you will learn a lot of English from your friends.

One of its features is the exchange of short messages, aka chat. However, if you’re feeling too tense to talk to strangers face-to-face, there’s a feature called PenPal. With this function, you can swap “letters”. So you can have more time to write letters in English.

Those are 8 English learning apps for smartphones that you can use. Ready to try one?

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