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Good Notes App Mac – I spend a lot of time on the keyboard. The obvious advantage of the keyboard is speed. When I’m in the groove, there’s nothing like typing into a text editor on my Mac or iPad Pro to quickly jot down thoughts and ideas so they’re not forgotten.

Moving quickly is very important when it comes time to refine those ideas into something coherent. Limiting, changing tools and situations and working in different places helps to organize different ideas. It’s the same with planning something new, whether it’s the next big article or organizing my thoughts on another project.

Good Notes App Mac

It’s in these situations that I pick up my iPad Pro and open GoodNotes. Going from the indirect process of typing in a text editor to working directly on the iPad screen with the Apple Pencil allows for a different perspective that helps me refine ideas in a way that writing isn’t.

Goodnotes 5 Updated With Collaborative Documents Via Icloud And More

In version 5, the GoodNotes team took my favorite iOS notes app and refined every aspect of the experience. The update maintains the simplicity of the app’s design, but does a better job of optimizing existing functionality and expanding other features. The result is a more flexible, powerful app that leverages its existing capabilities – which existing users will appreciate – but must appeal to a wider audience than ever before.

An area that has seen major improvements over previous versions of GoodNotes is the way notebooks are managed and organized. Like all note-taking apps, GoodNotes is organized around the concept of notebooks, which contain pages of notes. In earlier versions of the app, Notebooks could be organized into categories, which functioned like a flat folder structure. Now, however, GoodNotes 5 supports unlimited levels of nested folders, which should be a welcome addition for anyone with multiple notebooks or pages of other notes.

‘Documents’ is the root level view for all folders, notebooks and notes. From here, you can click the ‘New’ button to create a folder or notebook, open a photo from iCloud Photo Library, take a photo with your device’s camera, import a file into the Files app, or take a quick note. Quick Notes, which are notes that live outside the notebook at whatever level of the ledger you are currently viewing, can be created by double-clicking the ‘New’ button.

The Quick Notes feature is new to GoodNotes 5 and is a great example of the added flexibility the update offers. Instead of opening the current notebook, which opens to the last page you looked at and may not be the page you want to edit, Quick Note lets you write something right away and move it to a notebook or another notebook later. This feature is a great deal breaker for complex folder structures that users can now create.

Goodnotes 5 For Mac Is Now Available On The Mac App Store

Items in the document view can be viewed as thumbnails or lists and can be sorted alphabetically or by date modified. Everything in this view can be marked as a favorite, which is a subset of the items that appear when you open the Favorites tab at the bottom of the document view. Items can be exported or batched, duplicated, shipped or trashed after clicking the check mark in the top right corner of the screen. Another way to move things is drag and drop, which works with many things on the iPhone and iPad.

More robust document management and organization tools in GoodNotes 5 are major additions. In particular, nested folders should make a big difference in how people organize large numbers of books.

My only issue with GoodNotes is that it’s a custom implementation that bypasses the Files app. This means you can’t, for example, dump a notebook in the wrong workbook into iCloud Drive. There is no GoodNotes folder in iCloud Drive. Moving documents in and out of the app depends on importing and exporting.

However, the GoodNotes custom book browser is fine, and unlike text documents, which I often like to open in most iOS apps, that’s not possible with the GoodNotes file format. As a result, despite my choice of apps that link to files, I don’t think the GoodNotes note management solution has a problem.

Work Hard, Dream Big

Search is more robust than previous versions of GoodNotes. In previous versions, you only searched in the document view by document name, and searching in the notebook only searched for that document. However, opening the search tab in document view shows the search box, recently searched keywords, and recently opened documents. I especially like the addition of new search terms and documents, which makes it easy to track my steps through the app with little effort.

GoodNotes looks better than ever. Entering a query into the search field searches for handwritten notes, typed notes, and folder names, notebooks, and notes. The results are properly divided into categories such as articles, articles and typed articles to show their originality. Search is also available in notebooks and Quick Notes, where results are limited to matches found in the document you are looking at.

My handwriting is terrible and a few times GoodNotes corrects it so I can get past notes. Text recognition is also very fast, indexing new handwritten text in seconds. I don’t use search much because most of my articles are temporary, but the ability to search older articles for reference purposes wherever a related word seems to be very powerful. It’s a brand that uses the computing power of iOS devices to create a note-taking experience that can’t be matched in the analog world.

I should also mention the GoodNote ‘Copy’ sharing extension, which downloads PDFs from GoodNotes as standalone documents or as part of a notebook. When I need to manually edit a note, I usually send the text file as a PDF to GoodNotes, where I mark it up. I can do the same with many iOS PDF apps, but I prefer GoodNotes’ dedicated editing tools, which go beyond what’s available in my favorite PDF apps.

How To Easily Create And Work With Tables In Apple Notes

Starting a new notebook from document view reveals many different customization options, including the design and size of the notebook cover, the type and color of the inside page, its title, whether it is a graphic or landscape notebook, and the language to be used. for search purposes. In the 5th edition of GoodNotes, there are more notebook covers and page options than ever before. In total, there are eight types of shutters and four types of floor coverings, each containing a different design. You can choose to forego protection altogether. There are also four types of portrait and three types of landscape paper, from simple ruler, graph and dot style to complex pages for accounting, calendaring and music notation. You can import pages created using any PDF file.

Once you’ve created a notebook, the first thing you’ll notice when you open it is that the toolbars have changed. Where there was one toolbar, there are now two. Although the change takes a more vertical position than before, the results are worth the trade-off because it allows more tools to be easily accessible and the visual difference is negligible. The icons are also fixed; everything is more readable and balanced than previous versions.

On the iPad, buttons to navigate the app’s user interface, view thumbnails of all pages in the notebook at once, search the notebook, mark a page as a favorite, share, undo and redo changes, add pages and other items, enable read-only mode and access to additional features are all moved to the title bar. Each tool in the title bar is mostly self-explanatory, but there are a few highlights to note.

The thumbnail button opens a view that, on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, shows 25 notebook pages in portrait mode and 28 in landscape mode. For longer notebooks, GoodNotes’ thumbnail view is a great way to quickly jump to a specific page. The thumbnail view includes controls for switching between two other views as well: one that shows pages marked as favorites, and another that shows previews of PDFs you’ve imported that contain an outline as part of the file.

Notes App Features You Should Be Using, But Aren’t

When read-only mode is enabled, you cannot edit your notes. Instead, most of the user interface is hidden, including a special toolbar, so that your notes take up less space. The result is a structured learning process that creates a perfect learning environment for students or others using their notes to learn something new.

Behind the ‘More’ button you’ll find another new GoodNotes feature: scrolling index. In previous versions, scrolling was only horizontal.

It should be noted that the title of your notebook is also interactive. If you press it, a popover will open with information about the location of the document, the last time it was edited, which page you are viewing,

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