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A new app released on the Google Play Store allows Galaxy S10 owners to download screenshots that hide the camera’s camera from one location. The app is called Hidey Hole and it basically captures paper cutouts posted on Reddit to make it easier for Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ owners to check out the prints. As the screenshots come from Reddit, the developer has added a powerful option that you can use to change the wallpaper before using it as a home or lock screen.

Good Wallpaper App Reddit

A very useful option is the ability to increase or decrease the brightness of the wallpaper. Anyone who changes wallpaper regularly knows how some wallpapers can hide text and graphics on the home screen and make them hard to read/notify, and the Hidey Hole Lite guide will help you change that. Lets you decide how the light will look in front of you. Apply. The page can be sorted by category and device (S10e, S10 or S10+), and the app also has a link to the Reddit thread it’s from.

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Each wallpaper can be used directly in the app or saved to your device, and new wallpapers are added every hour, so you won’t run out of options anytime soon. . The best part is that these wallpapers are free, unlike what Samsung offers in its Galaxy Themes store. Note that you will need to block it.

Samsung has released software updates for several older high-end smartphones. The new security update will start rolling out to the Galaxy S10 in Europe and the Galaxy S20 FE in Russia. The latest software update for the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ brings firmware version G97xFXXSGHVI1. […]

Last month, Samsung released the August 2022 security update for international variants of the Galaxy S10 series. Now, the company has released a new version of the phone that is locked to US carriers. The latest software update for Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ comes with version G97xUSQU6IVH2 […]

After releasing the August 2022 security update for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S20, Samsung has started rolling it out for the Galaxy S10 line. The update is currently rolling out in various European countries and countries including Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, and the Nordic region. How to arrange August […]

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After the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22, Samsung has started rolling out the July 2022 security updates for the Galaxy S10 series. It’s good to see that Samsung releases monthly security updates even for phones that are more than three years old. Latest software updates for Galaxy […]

Samsung has improved a lot over the years in terms of software quality and support. It has promised four years of Android OS updates for its latest devices, better than Google’s update policy for Pixel phones. However, it also caused confusion among Galaxy smartphone users. Because the Galaxy S10 […]

Last month, Samsung released the June 2022 security update for the Galaxy S10 series, but it was limited to international devices. The company failed to release the June 2022 update for the phone in the US on time. The June 2022 security update has started rolling out to the Galaxy S10 […]

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