11 Great Apps for New Android

If you just got a new Android smartphone, then you definitely can’t wait to fill it with a variety of interesting applications.

The applications available on Android are also quite varied, ranging from chat applications to applications for tuning the guitar.

There are so many applications, sometimes we are confused about which application to install first.

11 Great Apps for New Android

So from that, Carisignal will give you a guide about a good application for Android that you just bought.

Great Apps for New Android

-1. Instagram app-

These days, many people are fond of becoming “impromptu” fotografer photographers. They are able to take pictures of everything, so come from themselves, food, scenery, and unique items, then share them with others. Instagram is a popular app for uploading photos and videos for your friends to watch.

It is undeniable that Instagram is also capable of being a service to drive a business, like /online shop/. To keep up with the growth of this more modern era, Instagram is included in the ranks of good applications for your new Android.

-2. Spotify App-

There is a quote that says: /Music is life, Life without music would be a mistake/. This quote is true because almost more than one person is attracted to music. Well, if you are also one of those people who “can’t live”€™ without music, Spotify is an application that needs to be installed on your Android smartphone.

Spotify is a /streaming/music app. There are many types of music from various famous singers or musicians that you can listen to through this application. Spotify allows you to listen to music for free via your smartphone. To download Spotify, you are not charged anything, if you choose the Premium version of Spotify.

-3. Google Photos App-

This application made by Google offers unlimited storage capacity for photos and videos. This application offers a number of features, such as auto / backup /, editing, and direct sharing to social media. In other words, this application is able to replace the position of “€˜Gallery”€™ on a smartphone.

With Photos, you can save storage capacity on your smartphone. This official application from Google has been downloaded more than 16 million times. If you want to download Google Photos, you can go to the Google Play Store to install this app for free on your smartphone.

-4. Skype app-

Who doesn’t know /software/ for this one video call? Skype allows you to /chat/, call, and make video calls to anyone around the world, as long as the other person says you also have a Skype account. To be able to use Skype for free, you need to have an internet connection on your smartphone.

Skype has HQ video call quality. Although more than one messaging application, such as Line, already has a video call feature, Skype has always been the most popular. /Interface/ offered by Skype is too simple and easy to use.

Well, Skype can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store. This application, which has been installed 1 billion times on Android devices, is compatible with almost all Android smartphones. But make sure your smartphone has a capable front camera so that video calling is more fun.

-5. Evernote App-

This application is almost similar to Google Keep. However, of course Evernote is always different from other similar applications. Through Evernote, you can put notes, /voice notes/, and various files on your smartphone.

Evernote also offers features of /reminder/, /snapshot/, and writing private notes together with your own hands. This application offered by Evernote Corporation is too supportive of your productivity. /Come on/, download Evernote now on the Google Play Store.

-6. Greenify App-

Greenify is a supportive application to save your battery energy. This application is able to close “€˜naughty” aplikasi applications that can drain smartphone or tablet battery energy. Not only that, Greenify also supports minimizing CPU and RAM utilization to keep your device running smoothly.

If you have done /root/ on the smartphone, Greenify can work well again on the device. Although it sounds complicated, this app developed by Oasis Feng is quite easy to use. Are you interested in installing Greenify to hibernate unused apps? Immediately get Greenify for free on the Google Play Store.

Great Apps for New Android

-7. Messenger App-

In addition to Skype, Messenger is also available which can make video calls anywhere and anytime. However, the advantages of Messenger are not just video calls because its main function is to exchange messages aka “/chat.” /

With the Messenger application, users will be facilitated in communicating with any step. You can make “/chat” /regular video calls, send “/voice notes,” /videos, to send funny emoticons. In addition, Messenger also provides a “/mini game” feature so you don’t get bored when you chat with friends.

-8. WhatsApp Application-

The popularity of this one messaging application does not need to be doubted. Many Android users prefer to use WhatsApp instead of BBM, Line, or others because WhatsApp is more simple and efficient.

If in the past WhatsApp could only be used for /chat/, now the application that has been acquired by Facebook provides a calling feature. So, you can call relatives together for free when using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s fame is unstoppable. This can be seen from the number of installations of this application as many as 5 billion times on Android devices. WhatsApp can also be downloaded and used for free with other names free of charge.

-9. YouTube Go app-

If you enjoy watching videos on Youtube along with lighter apps, then you must” /download” /YouTube Go app. The reason is, this application is easier than ordinary Youtube and you can also save more quota because there are only two categories for downloading videos, namely” /Basic Quality” /and” /Standard Quality./

In addition, any videos you download from YouTube Go will be immediately saved to a memory card in the form of an SD Card. But, on YouTube Go you can’t upload videos, right? You also can’t like / or leave comments on YouTube Go because this application is intended only for watching.

-10. Online Transportation Application-
Today all types of transportation are made easier. You don’t need to worry about public transportation, because you can rely on “/online” / transportation that is ready to take you anywhere, so this ” /online” / transportation is included in the list of must be available when you buy a new cellphone.

There are many “/online” transportations, but the two most popular in Indonesia are Grab and GOJEK. Both of these applications provide transportation that can be ordered via cellphone, willing to order a taxi or motorcycle taxi, you only need that one application. So, when you are traveling and your cellphone is still” /”fresh”” /immediately download the” /online” /transportation application so that you can easily travel anywhere.

-11. Inbox by Gmail App-

The existence of a smartphone is too easy for us to open a shared email quickly. If in the past we needed to open email via a PC or laptop, now writing or reading emails can be done via a smartphone that is in your hand.

Inbox by Gmail is an official application from Google that offers convenience in opening electronic mail that comes to your email address. This application is also predicted to be the successor of the Gmail application which looks outdated.

More than just a regular inbox, this app has reminders to keep your inbox loaded with all the important things you need. Not enough to stop there, Inbox by Gmail also offers a message search feature so you don’t have to sort through your inboxes one by one when you want to find messages that have been read.

Unfortunately, this application is no longer available on the PlayStore. If you need an application to open email other than Gmail, try looking for references in this article 10 Email Applications for Android.

Well, that was more than one great app for your new Android. Please download and install these various applications so that your new Android device can immediately be used for various purposes. If you have other favorite applications that are “required” to be installed on your Android device, please /share/ with us in the comments column.

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