How To Memorize Faster And Easier For Exams


How To Memorize Faster And Easier For Exams – Reading is not a job, there are many jobs. You need to remember to understand the facts or the basics. You may need a foundation or broader conceptual skills. To add more variety, everyone has different learning styles and preferences.

No one tool is perfect. But if fifty is here, you will find something that will help you.

How To Memorize Faster And Easier For Exams

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Tips To Memorise

The idea here is that you want to capture short information. If you are struggling to understand a concept, visualization is a great technique to start with.

I’m not a big fan of this method, but sometimes brute force is needed. Reflective recall involves sharpening information in your brain. Information works best when it’s arbitrary and fact-based, so applications don’t run out of common memory.

Take both ideas and ask yourself how they relate. They can be views within a given area (minor roads) or between two completely different areas (freeways). By doing this, you create a map in your mind to navigate between information. If you want to know more I recommend reading my article on Holistic Education.

Take a more complex idea and compare it to a simpler idea. When learning programming, it was helpful to see a function like a pencil sharpener. A parameter is a dull pencil, processes inside are sharpened and turned into a sharp pencil. Some metaphors have limited applications, while others can be used to gain a deeper understanding.

Study Hacks To Improve Your Memory

Draw it. I like to use graphs to sort large amounts of information. When I was writing a lot of computer programs, I often had scraps of paper with scribbled diagrams on my desk. I consider drawing diagrams to be an advanced version of visualization.

Most people take notes in a linear fashion, writing statements one after the other. Fluid notes may seem less organized, but it’s about making connections between ideas and writing in all directions on the page. Remember that the purpose of notes is to promote learning, not just to record what was said.

Learning by rote is more effective than rote learning. Acronyms that simplify pure information are a great way to do this. When I was a lifeguard, I remembered all kinds of acronyms for different procedures, like RED or ABC. Create your own acronyms to store arbitrary information.

It is an advanced memory technology. ​​​​​​I found that it worked really well, but it takes a lot of time to set up and requires practice if you want to do it quickly. The basic idea is to combine two ideas by creating a funny image that includes both.

What Is Active Recall? How To Use It To Ace Your Exams

If I remember a grocery list consisting of apples, milk, and beans, my goal would be to create two images that connect apples with milk and milk with beans. Perhaps the first is the image of a giant apple feeding a cow. The latter can pour the container of milk into the cooked beans.

A change in the amalgamation method, it helps to remember numbers. Instead of matching two pictures together, you use phonics to remember all the numbers. From there you create words and short sentences to encode numbers. This article is not enough to fully explain the technique, but a Google search will give you more depth if you are interested.

Another technique that works well for rote learning is revision. It’s basically about starting your class with a concept. It gives you a link between that idea and another idea. You continue on this path until you return to where you started or you reach a dead end.

Go over any subject you want to learn. Your goal is not to learn knowledge, but to see what you don’t already know. If more than one or two ideas come up in a chapter, you should probably stop and go back.

How To Memorise Quotes For Your Closed Book English Exam

Test yourself. Testing is a great way to find out if you know what you’re doing, so give it a try.

Sounds complicated but it’s not. Anthropomorphizing is taking non-human objects and giving them human characteristics. An example is describing a rock as solitary. You can easily remember this tool by giving human qualities to abstract ideas.

My psychology professor gave a great example. He showed how a single neuron conducts signals, describing it as people walking down a hotel corridor and doors opening and closing.

Like visualization except you use all your senses. It’s hard to explain, but you can create a feeling, a sound or a feeling that is similar to a thought. I remembered how to determine the base matrix by feeling my hand through a box.

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What do you already know that would be useful? Use knowledge you already have. Sometimes the nuances differ between disciplines, but the basic principles are the same. Search for the link.

I used this technique to pass my non-study exam. I always recommend learning the information first, as it can be an incentive to help in a crisis. The idea behind avoiding gaps is to know what you don’t know and collect everything you do.

I once passed the inter-provincial chemistry exam where one of the questions was to write an essay on soap. I knew very little about soap, so my first step was to collect anything I knew that was remotely related to soap. I then focused on things I did not know, so that I could deliberately avoid my ignorance while writing the essay.

I want to point out that this technique is not magical. Even if you don’t know something, you will probably fail. But it’s helpful if you miss information and can’t read it again.

Revision Tips To Help Your Child Remember What He Studied

Get some people in a room and think. Although some experts recommend up to six, I find that one or two are best.

Consider this a personal brainstorming session. Write down all the thoughts, ideas and information you can think of. Mind to write everything down on paper.

Diagrams are a great tool for focusing on the relationship between information. Instead of showing information, show how it communicates. It’s a great way to keep all the information together, as well as taking fluid notes.

Use your fingers and thumb as memory tools. Remember who goes where by connecting individual words or names with specific fingers. This application has limitations, but may be useful if a good summary is not readily available.

Duas For Exams That Every Student Should Memorise & Recite

A reader sent me this based on the link technique. Imagine a room you know. Now imagine all the important things in this room. The next step is to attach specific information or details to each item in your room.

Another variation of this technique uses your body instead of the room. I think it depends on whether you are more visual or intermediate in your learning style.

It seems obvious, right? You will remember information that gives you more satisfaction to know. Instead of getting the grade, find ways to use the information to make it more real to you.

Like teaching, the kindergarten rule states that you must explain your lesson to a six-year-old child. While this won’t work for your advanced calculus or biochemistry courses, you’ll need to condense the information so it’s clear.

How To Read Academic Content Once And Remember It Forever

Another mnemonic technique involves piecing together information by putting it in the order of a song or story. You can list all the bones in your hand by creating a story, where you can see each one in order.

Learn fifteen minutes at a time. Take frequent breaks and let your mind absorb what you have learned. I rarely spend more than an hour or two doing creative or learning tasks without changing the pace.

Do you read or do you read page by sentence? Be alert when your eyes look down even if your mind slips. When the recorder stops, go back and start again.

What would you do if you could only look at your textbook once? The learn-it-once philosophy basically says that studying is a waste of time. You need to learn things quickly as they come to you rather than having them handed to you in future study sessions. It may be slow, but it forces you to learn rather than slide.

Scientifically Proven Tips For Effective Studying [2023 Edition]

Is knowledge important? Define your learning goals and any candidate expectations. In doing so, you can figure out what information to remember and what to skip.

I hate traffic jams, but it seems common for me to consider it anyway. Put another pot of coffee and expect to sleep.

It’s about learning more than you need. It can be the equivalent of diving into the deep end of a shark infested pool

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