How to Remove Annoying Android Default Apps

When we buy a new Android device, it usually has a lot of apps on it. Some of the Bottom apps are very useful, but the rest are usually useless and even tend to be annoying. The problem is, how to delete default Android apps is not as easy as how to delete regular Android apps.

Various apps are usually “locked” in the system so we can’t remove them. This is certainly very detrimental because it will only waste memory capacity, especially if the memory on our Android is quite small and limited.

Not only that, various default applications are also usually activated automatically when Android is turned on. If so, this app will automatically take battery power even if we don’t use it.

How to Remove Annoying Android Default Apps

So this time Cari Signal will review some ways to remove default Android apps, aka bloatware which is very annoying. The tips reviewed here can be applied to rooted or unrooted Android devices.

How to Remove Annoying Android Default Apps

*How to Remove Annoying Android Default Apps without root*

The first way is how to remove the Android Bawan application without root. What is this way? See the steps below.

-1. Uninstall application-

No need to bother doing “/root”/ on your Android, in this article there are now many default applications that can be installed directly. Here we will show you how to use Lenovo phone, following steps to do “/uninstall”/ on default apps without root:

  • · Enter the “Settings” feature then click and select on the “Applications” menu
  • · After that, you can immediately choose the default application that you don’t have. Keep in mind, there are some default apps that cannot be removed, for example “/clock, contact manager, device services,” /etc. , just click / check.
  • · Next, you can directly click “Uninstall” in the app.

This one method can be used by any Android device. Despite having a different brand of Android mobile, but the concept of doing “/uninstall”/ on the default app is still the same.

-2. Disable Applications-

Actually the best way to remove default Android apps is to root them first. But if you don’t want to risk damage and others, then you can follow the following trick.

With this trick you can disable or disable default apps. The trick, open the Settings menu, select the Applications option, then swipe right until the All Category tab appears. These steps may be different on each device so you will need to adjust them according to each device.

There, look for the default app that you want to stop activity from. Select the app then click the “Disable” button. You will be given a warning message not to disable important apps. If you are sure, click OK.

Remember, not all default apps can be disabled at will. Because there are some important applications that should not be disabled such as contacts, phone, SMS, and other applications. Therefore make sure the apps you disable are not needed.

Once this process is complete, the default applications will no longer be active. That way they won’t take part in draining the battery like before. But the app will stay on your android so your memory capacity is still not increased.

If you want to re-enable various default applications, then it’s also easy. Just follow the steps above and then click the “Activate” button to reactivate it. Various apps will also be active again if you do a factory reset.

*How to Remove Annoying Android Default Apps after rooting*

The next way is to delete the app after rooting. To note, the previously described trick is very useful if you just want to save battery usage. However, if you want to get rid of default apps to increase memory capacity, then you have to root first.

After rooting, there are many ways to remove the default Android apps. Among them is by installing a custom ROM or by using some apps to remove the default Android apps.

*Root Explorer*

Root Explorer is one of the must-have apps if your Android device is rooted. This application is not much different from other File Explorer applications, but Root Explorer can open and edit and delete various files contained in the Android system.

How to Remove Default Android Apps with Root Explorer is very easy. First of all open Root Explorer then click the “MOING AS R/W” button in the top right corner. Make sure the position is “r/w” aka read and write and not “r/o” aka just raed.

After that, open the System Folder > application. There you will see various default apps stored in the Android system. Select one of these apps, press and hold it, then click Remove. after that the default app will be deleted automatically.

But remember, you should really know that uninstalled apps are not vital apps for Android. The reason is that if you delete it incorrectly, then it could be that your Android device will not run normally or even bootloop.

· *Ice Explorer*

Just like Root Explorer, ES Explorer is also a file explorer application that can access and modify system files. The difference is, ES Explorer is equipped with a more friendly appearance and is also equipped with more complete features.

To use this ESPLORER ES, you must first allow root access first. After that you just need to search and select which app you want to remove as above step. This ES Explorer application can also be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

· *Link2SD*

Besides being able to be used to move applications to the SD card, Link2SD can also be used to remove various useless bloatware. How to delete the default Android application with Link2SD is also very easy.

First of all, install the Link2SD application by following the tutorial in this article. After that, select the app you want to remove. Click the “Actions” button then select the uninstall option. If a warning page appears, click OK to continue. The transfer process will then be carried out immediately.

· *Titanium Backup*

Titanium Backup is also one of the must-have apps on a rooted Android device. This application is arguably the Swiss Android knife because it has many very useful features.

One of them is the ability to delete default Android apps or apps contained in the system. The trick is also quite easy where you just need to open this titanium backup application, then select the application you want to delete.

Once selected, press and hold on the app then select the Delete or Uninstall option. After that the app will immediately disappear from your Android device. Apart from deleting, titanium backup can also be used to perform a complete backup process and restore Android apps.

· *Custom rom*

If you don’t want to use various apps, then another solution is to install a custom ROM. Today many custom ROMs are available without any bloatware at all. There are custom ROMs made by the community and some made by individuals.

One of the recommended and widely used custom ROMs today is CyanogenMod. As we know, CyanogenMod currently has a large support community so this custom ROM is available for almost all types of Android. That way, you can also easily ask other users if there is a problem with your Android device.

Well, those are the various ways to remove the default Android apps that you can apply. By deleting it, you can save battery while adding storage space in the internal memory. Please read this article for more battery saving tips and this article for tips on adding internal memory.

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