How To Start Up An Internet Cafe


How To Start Up An Internet Cafe – The Internet is becoming more and more important in the lives of people around the world. Even in remote corners of the world, where you’d think people wouldn’t have a laptop or internet at home, the need for Internet access is still pressing. For these types of internet users and all other types of people, an internet cafe business can be a lifesaver, a great source of income for the owner. An internet cafe can present a unique set of challenges that you may not consider when running other types of businesses.

If managed properly, Internet Cafe is now one of the most profitable businesses in Zimbabwe. Think about it, he spends every minute of his life. Every minute, every second counts and someone is ready to pay for it. Now, you might be thinking “how can I start an Internet Cafe business like Quickbrowse Cyber ​​Cafe?”

How To Start Up An Internet Cafe

Ideal locations for an internet cafe in the CBD are near Commuter bus routes (or Pamushika-shika) or near a church, school, market or community.

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The Harare CBD area should have a “large amount of foot traffic”, such as pedestrian lines at Copacabana, Market Square and Forth Street.

If you are going to rent a place, make sure that the water does not leak from the ceiling, as computers are sensitive. Even if you don’t use air conditioning, it should be well ventilated. Must have access to broadband connections such as DSL and wireless broadband

For 5 computers or less, ADSL of at least 3Mbps will do. A more detailed discussion on this in the article titled: “Start and Run a Successful Internet Cafe Business”. Before ordering, ask your neighbors or other subscribers in the area if their broadband service is good or bad.

OK, the tables have turned. When deciding on the design of your tables, you really need to consider the size of your shop. Smaller space means thinner tables or chairs. You can mount your CPUs on it by placing a long piece of flywood. Ask your employer about this. Check out the internet cafes below. This will give you an idea of ​​what works and what doesn’t. Do you need keyboard shortcuts? Our recommendation is. Because it will be easily destroyed. You can place dividers or use your CPUs to act as dividers.

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Make sure you have at least 3 outlets per stand. 1 for CPU, 1 for Monitor and 1 for Speaker or Standby. As for the chairs, it will depend on the class of your shop. Usually, monoblock seats are used.

This is the hardest part of setting up an internet cafe. One mistake, your investment is gone. Never trust your future to salespeople. Just listen to people who are dedicated to setting up an Internet Cafe because they know which parts work and which parts will cost you more investment but give you the same result/profit. Remember: higher investment means longer payback period.

Who makes up your target market: school kids, high school or college students, girls, boys, office workers, parents? Each market has specific needs. For example, male students use the Internet for research, but also for online gaming.

Knowing your market helps you decide what services to offer. The Internet is not just for surfing the web. Most cafe owners say that online gaming is 70% of their business. Another 30% comes from browsing, chatting and email. How about CD/DVD scanning, printing, writing, burning services?

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A good place holds a great market. If you are targeting students, proximity to schools is ideal. But ask about local laws in your city/province. Alternatively, a location that is easily accessible to your market has an advantage.

So you have your own internet cafe and you want to make it more efficient with sustainability. Read the seven benefits section below to find out.

To earn your Internet Cafe, you must be careful and consistent with the following:

You may have the latest tools and equipment compared to your competitors, but you need to keep their prices down. For example, if the majority rate is $1/90 minutes, you should go with it.

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Your customer service must be excellent. Offer the real thing to your customers and run your business as if you were providing a public service. Always find ways to help them.

This is a must for an internet cafe. If you follow the first two your clients will get more hours, so having a Comfort Room is a must. Without it, they will run out of time when they like it, and when you don’t want it to. The Comfort Clean Room is a magnet for Internet Cafe customers.

Your computers should be well protected. Get rid of viruses, spam and unnecessary programs that slow down your computer. Install only the programs you really need. You can also use third-party software that makes it easier to protect your computers. QIUCKBROWSE CAFÉ.NET can help you with that.

Make sure they all work well because your customers have direct contact with them. Have a spare for each accessory so that the wrong one can be easily replaced.

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Wired or wireless ADSL broadband connections are acceptable as long as they meet the required speed. For 5 computers, it should be at least 512 kbps. 1mbps is good for 10 computers. Higher speed, at least 4 Mbps is required for 10 or more.

Always clean your keyboard, mouse, monitor and desks. Of course, your entire store should always be in perfect condition. They should feel at home. Your cleaning will attract them, so they will come back. If your competitor’s store is dirty, you will definitely win the hearts of your customers here.

28% of Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe’s cities, towns and villages had access to the internet in the past month. 5% access the Internet every day.

Internet access is limited to major cities such as Harare and Bulawayo. Other cities are experiencing Internet growth. For example, 35% of Zimbabweans in Gweru have accessed the Internet in the last month.

Some Big Banks Are Pulling The Plug On Internet Cafe Checking Accounts But That’s The Best Place For Cafe Cash: Mark Naymik

Internet users in Zimbabwe tend to be thought leaders and startup owners compared to traditional media consumers. They are likely to be individualistic, inclined, willing to pay for quality products and technology enthusiasts.

Internet usage is especially high among the younger generation. 50% of people under the age of 25 have accessed the Internet in the last month

Internet cafes are an important point of access to the Internet. 71% have accessed the Internet from Internet cafes in the last 3 months. 47% of all Internet time is spent in Internet cafes. Internet cafes are also a major access point for low socio-economic class users.

E-mail, instant messaging and research are the most common online activities of Zimbabwean internet users. Yahoo! And Gmail is the primary email, instant messaging and web search service in Zimbabwe.

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Social media is an essential online activity. 51% reported visiting a social networking site, such as Facebook, in the past month. 1 in 3 internet users in Zimbabwe has a social media page. Facebook is the leading social network in Zimbabwe.

The potential for starting an internet cafe business in Zimbabwe is huge. Access is around 35% low. This means that out of 15 million Zimbabweans, only 5.25 million have access to the Internet. Another 65% or 9.75 million is a huge market!

This type of business can earn you extra money. Few people can afford their own computers and laptops, so they turn to the Internet for information or troubleshooting. Even those who have smartphones and tablets come to Cyber ​​Cafes for Wi-Fi connectivity, so getting your business will set you apart from the rest.

But be careful. The market is so big that it is easy to fall into the trap of failure. I thought it was as easy as buying computers and opening my I-cafe for users. It is better to prepare yourself and see if this deal suits you.

Pdf) Enhancing Rural Connectivity Through An Extended Internet Cafés Business Models

A: Yes. Once the above requirements are met, you just need an experienced technician like Sir Cronnie to assess your shop and make some recommendations.

Question: I already have 1 and 2, you can install the network anyway. I can already use it for LAN gaming. No internet connection required.

A: Yes, O.S. it’s already included in all my packages and it’s great. I am using Windows 7. If you do not prefer Windows 7 OS, please provide the installer software you want to help you install.

A: Yes, you can hire me, it’s your decision. I can log in as a third party technician and modify Quickbrowse in any way and not be directly or indirectly linked. If you want to work for yourself, we can arrange it

Starting Up And Running A Successful Internet Business

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