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Top App Electronic Music – Not everyone has access to advanced soft synths and prestigious hardware synths. But most of us have access to a smartphone. Thanks to some savvy developers, you can harness the power of vintage synth icons like the Moog Minimoog in the palm of your hand. There are also new and original synths with unique sound configuration approaches that make effective use of touch controls.

Although these synthesizer programs have miniature keyboards that you can play with your fingers, this can get a little boring after a while. You can use an adapter, look for new Bluetooth MIDI controllers, or if you’re an Apple user, use Apple’s MIDI Audio Setup to connect your iPhone and DAW. This also allows you to record synths in your DAW.

Top App Electronic Music

Most, if not all, of these apps are only available on iOS. The biggest reason is that Android doesn’t have a standard protocol for MIDI, and it’s difficult for developers to create apps that are compatible with the hundreds, if not thousands, of Android-powered phones.

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Fortunately, these programs are much cheaper than what you would pay for a soft synthesizer, let alone a hardware synthesizer. Whether you’re new to synths or a veteran, you’ll enjoy these apps.

Absolutely outstanding, Moog has now combined the beauty of its adaptable instrument sound, used by Kraftwerk to Dr. Dre, with the technology of portable digital devices. Using this relatively new functionality, the Animoog Z app (a step up from the original Animoog app) is an exciting 16-voice multi-dimensional polyphonic synthesizer that gives you a 3D visualization of your waveform so you can see your waveform. the sound you make. do it – all in the palm of your hand.

Imagine playing a Moog, but more advanced, portable and cheaper. *pssst * You might even say it’s better than owning an actual Moog. Don’t tell anyone we said that.

Korg’s range of mobile synths is amazing and it would be wrong to leave any of them off this list. The legendary audio equipment manufacturer has a long line of sought-after hardware synths, recently making them available as desktop soft synths and now as iOS apps. You can get ARP Odyssey, WaveStation, and Mono/Poly emulations, as well as the iDS-10, a remake of Korg’s synth game for the Nintendo DS. Diyilight Led Strip Lights 50 Ft Smart Light Strips With App Control Remote, 5050 Rgb Led Lights For Bedroom, Music Sync Color Changing Lights For Room Party

These faithful recreations include a number of new features, including save and preset, MIDI mapping with MIDI CC Learn, and AUv3 support so you can use the synth in iOS DAWs like Korg’s Gadget. They are also much cheaper than their hardware counterparts, ranging from $26 to $38.

Moog has released some of the most diverse and powerful synth programs in recent times, and during the Covid-19 shutdown, the company gave away many of its programs for free to help those who have free time. the hands Although the apps are no longer available for free, they are still incredibly well-rated for how amazing they are.

Along with the mobile fun of the Minimoog Model D subtractive synthesizer, which features music by Pink Floyd, Parliament-Funkadelic, Tycho, Dr. 15. And the Minimoog Model D Synthesizer app is a smart mobile version of the first Minimoog Model D portable synthesizer.

Each of these synths features a variety of effects and scale modes to further enhance your sound design. And if that’s not enough, try Moog’s Filtatron, which lets you apply filters with envelopes and LFO modulation, delay and saturation to your sounds. In addition, you can test your sounds directly on the Filtatron and create waveforms with an oscillator.

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Don’t let the free price fool you: this FM and subtractive polysynth has been praised by Apple’s App Store, numerous technical publications, and professional content creators and producers. In fact, you’ll get instant audio customization, with over 300 patches designed by producers for Kanye West, Rihanna, M83, Tycho, Neon Trees, and more. This app is the result of over two years of work by more than 100 volunteers and does not require in-app purchases to take full advantage of its power.

There are five oscillators on board: two digitally controlled oscillators, one FM, one sub and one voice. A 16-step sequencer and polyphonic arpeggiator lets you create classic analog synth patterns with over 100 scale and sample settings. A multimedia filter, two LFOs and two envelopes give you plenty of modulation power. MIDI Learn is available for all parameters, allowing you to connect to a controller for even more expressive playing. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have this synthesizer on your iOS device.

Not to be confused with Synth One, although just as powerful, the KV331 SynthMaster One is a software-optimized interpretation of the award-winning SynthMaster One DAW plug-in. The semi-modular waveform beast features two oscillators with two subbands, two filters, four ADSR envelopes, three LFOs, a 16-step arpeggiator/sequencer, and 16 polyphonic voices. You will have access to 650 presets, 11 different built-in effects with distortion, LoFi, ensemble, phaser, 6-band EQ, compressor, vocoder, delay, chorus, tremolo and reverb.

Along with AUv3 plug-in capability, SynthMaster One supports Ableton Link for syncing with your live projects. 650 presets are included with a professional sound designer suite, and you can import and export previews using the file browser. The app is free for iPhone, but you can also get a cross-platform version for $26 that lets you sync data across iOS, macOS, and Windows.

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In our SynthMaster One review, we said: “The One’s built-in wavetables also allow you to incorporate other types of synths and other instrument sounds, from organs to classical synths; or metal tones from FM to kick and bass hits.

“In general, SynthMaster’s strategy is to have as many sound ingredients as possible, and this version is no exception – it has enough to master any sound you want.”

Reason Studios is very competent in its mobile application development. 2012’s Figur app is still a great tool for making beats, and Compact is a more in-depth app, including Reasons Europa, Rytmik and Monotone. Although these are scaled-down versions of DAW options, each synth packs enormous power. The Rytmik is a fancy drum machine, while the Europa will be there for you for keys, knobs and cables, and the Monotone will handle low-end duties.

To get the most out of Europa and Monotone, you’ll need to buy the full versions at $13 each, along with a number of optional voice packs that cost $1.32 each. However, you can immediately preview each section of the synth for free to see what the full versions will unlock. Otherwise, a good selection of customizable presets are available for each synth and Rytmik to keep you creative for a while. Once you’ve created a sample, you can export it to Reason or as an audio file to further spark your creativity.

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AddStation is a versatile add-on synthesizer that creates sounds by adding multiple sine waves. This type of synth can create some unique timbres, and Addstation VirSyn has enough bells and whistles to go a few steps further. By combining additional fractal synthesis and sound transformations with loop modulators and four independent arpeggiators, you can immerse yourself in sound design.

The app is loaded with 170 audio presets for instant inspiration. Each voice has 512 parts with independent AD envelopes that pass through the filter and sound spectrum. Effects include chorus, phaser, flanger, overdrive, EQ, delay and reverb. There’s also Ableton Link and CoreMIDI support, along with AUv3 support.

BLEASS has a number of music creation apps in the App Store, including Alpha Synth. The polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer is inspired by classic hardware synths and adds some modern Bleass flavor. Built with two stereo oscillators and one mono oscillator, you can dial in a variety of waveforms and pulse widths, with phase, uni and crossover controls for thick strings, jagged bass sounds and textured pads.

There’s a lot of modulation potential here, with three ADSR envelopes, two LFOs per voice, and tons of modulation directions. A useful and modern feature of Alpha Synth is its compatibility with MPE. This allows you to connect an MPE device, such as the Sensel Morph, to use pressure as another measurement of your performance for more expression. Also included are over 200 presets from professional sound designers.

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In our review, we said: “The synth looks modern, sleek, and colorful; its settings and parameters are easy to read; and it manages to maintain the subtlety of the touchscreen interface, despite using a mouse pointer to interact with it.”

BeepStreet takes inspiration from the Roland JP-8000 synthesizer with a focus on the SuperSaw sound, combining multiple tuned saw waves for rich chords. There are two analog model oscillators in one volume, with two sub-oscillators with a combination of oscillator and loop controls.

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